September 5


Unexpected Learning with Numbers

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Spiritual Growth, Symbology, Theology Tree Curriculum

God uses the sequence of numbers in all of his creations. He did not create the numbering system we currently use, he allowed us to come up with our own systems.

Here are six points you never would expect numbers to teach you:

  • Numbers (and math) teaches us the characteristics of God (order, consistent, dependable, etc).
  • Math is a tool used to record and understand God’s orderly world.
  • Math encourages us to depend on God, it urges us to trust him (how difficult or impossible math would be if 1+1 was not consistently 2)
  • Math makes the complex designs God placed around us visible.
  • Math points us to God’s wisdom and care. If he cares about his creations (clothes the fields) he cares about us.
  • Math points out individuality, God created and blesses us one by one (each number is unique).

There are patterns and lessons in numbers that when discovered are just like hearing a story or watching the unfolding of the Plan of Salvation drawn out for the first time.

I will be teaching a class on numbers for the HECOA, Not Back to School Summit this Friday at 12:30 MST. I will talking about numbers in general and focusing on the number eight. Join me live or watch the 24 hour replay at

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