June 17


Are you Familiar with this Hebrew Word?

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn

There is a wonderful Hebrew word for “pillar of fire by night and cloud by day” it is Shekinah

Shekinah, at its essence means the presence of God. Moses longed to have all of the Israelites see God face to face as he had seen him. But when they got to Mt. Sinani they became afraid to see Him. God, after comforting Moses disappointment, gave them another option – build a Tabernacle so I can dwell with them and thou, Moses can still speak with me. The Shekinah was always present, the Israelites were comforted knowing God was always with them. 

When the Shekinah moved they knew they were to pack up camp and move to where it was. Israelites followed the Shekinah and not the other way around. What in your life is preventing you from seeing the Shekinah, or God’s presence in your life? In what way to you pack up and move when God messages move you?

Interesting fact: The Provo temple was designed after this word. The lower part represents the cloud and the steeple above represented the pillar of fire. It use to be gold in color and has recently been changed to white and the angle Moroni was added. Take a look at the Provo temple and imagine it as the Shekinah, the presence of God.

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