From What Tribe Will Christ Come?

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By Tresta Neil

Mentor's Notes:  From What Tribe Will Christ Come?

What tribe will he be from
and what is his lineage?

Rod of Jesse
  • A governing Rod would arise from Jesse, the father of King David and ancestor of Jesus. ~ Isaiah 11:1

Righteous Branch of David

  • from David would come a righteous Branch, a King who would reign and prosper.
    ~ Jeremiah 23:15

Scepter (King) of Judah

  • Shilo, The lawgiver bearing the scepter would be a descendant of Judah.
    ~ Genesis 49:10 (Jacob)
Christ’s Heritage Line (Luke 3:23)

Answer (Click):

He would come from a great lineage in the tribe of Judah.

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