March 24


Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh

By Tresta Neil

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There is an Eastern African story that tells of a chief with sad children and a poor man with happy children. The Chief asked the poor man what made his children so happy and he answered, “I feed my children with the meat of the tongue, and this fills them with health and happiness.” The Chief fed his children tongue and it did not work so he traded his children with the poor man’s. Soon his children became happy and the poor man’s children became sad. So the Chief returned for more advice. 

The chief listened, and suddenly he understood. “The meat of the tongue, you are a wise man, indeed,” he said, “for you know the greatest gift a parent can offer his children is his companionship, and his wisdom, and his words. You have taught me well.”

He returned home with his children and spent time with them in telling them stories and singing them songs.

When you use your mouth for the building and inspiring of your children you teach them about who they are and their purpose in the world.

Remember – Our Mouths expose the desires and intentions of our hearts.

How did you use your mouth today?

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