The Smell of Thy Nose

In today’s temple, we manipulate light to show progression, in the ancient Biblical Tabernacle they used smell to show a change in atmosphere and progression.

The desert was bright, hot, windy and dirty. Inside the Holy room was cool, clean, dark, with soft carpet and filled with sweet smells. 

All five senses were appealed to:

  • Smell – incense, bread, wine
  • Taste – bread and wine
  • Sight – light, smoke (cloud), beauty
  • Feel – carpet, smoke, shade, spirit
  • Hear – quiet, pleasant


* * * * 

“The Smell of Thy Nose” Devotional Guide Available NOW!

We have prepared a PDF “The Smell of Thy Nose” Devotional Guide for you to use with your family. Table Talk Discussion #62 goes along with the guide.


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