April 25


His Cheeks

By Tresta Neil

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The cheek is a symbol for trust and loyalty. It is the place where friends greet each other. Enemies slap and beat the cheeks as an insult. When one hides his cheeks he is astonished or ashamed.

Judas chose to betray his master with a kiss on the cheek. He was paid 30 pieces of silver (the price of a slave) by the Romans to tell them where Jesus was. He told the guards that the one he kisses is Jesus. As he walked up to Jesus and the other eleven apostles he greeted Jesus with a kiss and said, “Master.” Jesus greets him by calling him, “friend.” Jesus knew he was being betrayed and still he greets him with a kiss and calls him friend. Jesus is the ultimate example of forgiveness. He was immediately seized and arrested.

The Savior taught us that even the insult of having your cheek slapped is to be forgiven and pardoned, “turn to him your other cheek” (Matthew 5:39; Luke 6:29). Kindness and friendship is king over aggression and anger. 

How do you use your cheeks to show you are not ashamed of Christ and that you follow his example?

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We have prepared “His Cheeks” Devotional Guide for you to use with your family. Check out the video on Cheeks: “His Cheeks” – Table Talk Discussion #65.

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