Called to Learn Academy 

September 6 - May 2

(excluding holidays)

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All subjects infused with restored gospel principles to strengthen testimony.

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Selected signature classes from restored gospel subjects to strengthen personal and family testimonies.

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Signature and core subject prerecorded classes available at your own pace.

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Called to Learn Academy
Monday - Thursday 9AM - 1PM MT

CTLA includes twelve online, live classes. Learners are encouraged to come to class prepared, to interact, participate, and teach one another in class and to ponder and record what they have learned after class. They are asked to create their own textbooks or learning journals, complete two big projects, teach at times during class, etc. Classes include Religion, Leadership, History, Geography, Literature, English Language, Math, Science, Health, Music, Art, and Hebrew Language. Each of these are branches connected to the main topic of Theology with which all subjects will intertwine. 

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16 hours of Live Academic classes,
3 Classes for younger children, and
4 Signature (adult) Classes

The Academy (Monday-Thursday)
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Selected Signature/Adult Courses

Monday - Thursday 8 AM MT

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Words in the Scriptures
Mondays  8 AM

God uses specific words in His Word. Every word has a reason it was chosen to be used. 

This is what we will explore - the words in the scriptures. We will create a word list. This list of words will be explored, analyzed, and their roots found. Many words have their own story, others have cousins that, if learned, enhance the understanding of the original word. 

For example, do you know what the word passion means? or what about succor? and how are these two words related? This will be a hands-on learning class as we explore the words together. 

~ taught by Tresta Neil

Medieval  History
Wednesday 8 AM

We will continue our study of the Greek culture by diving into "What is Philosophy?" and experience learning how to ask and analyze our thoughts. Our government was, in part, founded upon the Greek government, how? How did the Greeks and the Rome empire fail? What did Rome give to the world?

This time is also called The Great Apostasy. What happened to the church during this time? Who is the Father of the Apostasy? What were the repercussions of  his decisions? Who were those who fought against it? What happened to them? They were known as the reformers, why? We will learn about the Great Awakenings and the Reformation too.

                ~ taught by Tresta Neil

Human Body and Health
Thursday 8 AM

The short definition of science is the search for truth, God knows all truth, his omniscience (notice the word science) makes him the greatest scientist. Those that seek truth are scientists in training, therefore, we are all scientists. 

In this course we will learn about the Human Body. Did you know we have three brains all connected by one nerve? Do you know our body regulates salt - this  shock me. Do you know how electricity in our body is created? Our bodies are a complete kingdom with systems working together within another complete kingdom, called the Body of Christ. 

~ taught by Tresta Neil

Ancient Hebrew Culture
Tuesday 8 AM

Within the Hebrew culture, we find many parallels to events of the "last days." For example, the Passover Holy Day then is now the Sacrament today. The spring and fall Holy Days are now General Conference. This is no exception with weddings. The Hebrews had large wedding celebrations. These correlate with the events of the Second Coming. 

In the first semester, we will learn about the Hebrew Wedding and its symbolism. In the second semester, we will learn about the Biblical Tabernacle and its daily significance to God's Plan of Happiness and our promise to have joy. 

                ~ taught by Tresta Neil

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Do I have to attend all the LIVE classes?

Although we HIGHLY encourage you to attend every session to get the best results out of these classes it is not required. All classes are recorded.

When do we meet?

School Year 2023-2024

CTL Academy meets Monday through Thursday. 

8am - 9am - Signature Classes

9am - 1pm - Academic Classes

All times are Mountain Time (MT)

How do we access the course?

After you purchase the courses you'll be given a zoom link for the live classes. You'll also receive instructions on ways to be successful in using zoom. And how to access the recordings. 


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