Called to Learn Academy 2022-23

These courses are Gospel Culture centered, Christian Doctrine and Principles rich. Check out our unique, live, online school. Called to Learn Academy is $150/mo. for the whole family. The Friday Bundle is only $50/mo. when purchased with the youth school ($75/mo without the Academy).


Called to Learn Academy

September 12 - April 28

(excluding holidays)

Children Ages 6-12

Monday-Thursday 10AM - 11AM (MT)

Youth Ages 12 - Adult

Monday-Thursday 11AM - 2PM (MT)

Adult Classes
Fridays 9AM - 1PM (MT)

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Called to Learn Academy
Monday - Thursday 10AM - 2PM

Description of the Academy

CTLA includes all eight core classes and four elective classes (you choose to come or not). The times of the classes are designed so you, as a family, can open each day in your favorite way (if you'd like devotional ideas see BLOG). The younger children will meet for the first hour while the older ones can get their personal (reading, writing, math) studies completed. The next three hours we will meet and learn about the topics for the day. 

Students will be encouraged to create their own learning books or journals by taking notes, adding in pictures of their projects, writing down their experiences with learning and teaching the subject. 

The eight core classes are History, Geography, Literature (reading quality books), English Language (grammar and writing skills), Math (practical and numerology), Science, Music, and Art. Each of these are branches off the main topic of Theology with which all subjects will intertwine. 

The elective classes this year are Principles of America, American Sign Language, Voice and Choir, and Beginning Hebrew. 

Bonus Class
Called to Teach as Parents
Friday 9 AM

A place where parents of the students who attend the above classes can come together and learn or ask questions about the classes begin taught - learn what your children are learning. It is also the time share thoughts, concerns, and insights of how we can improve your families experience.

                                                    ~ lead by Tresta Neil

Two ways to Enroll in Called to Learn Academy

Option 1 The Academy (Monday-Thursday)
for your entire family at $150/mo.

Option 2 Enroll in Called to Learn Academy and all Friday classes at $200/mo.

(Save $50/mo. on Friday Bundle)

Friday Classes

September 12 - April 28

All Friday classes can be purchases individually or as a bundle.

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The Language of the Scriptures
Friday 10 AM

Our culture has taught us to not ask questions. When we were young we are filled with questions, it is a natural process of life. But our leaders give us cliché or round answers, which stop us from asking questions. God can’t guide us if we don’t turn on the engine of our minds by asking questions. When we ponder the answers to those questions we are moving and God CAN and will guide and lead you to the answers. In this class you will learn key words to look for when studying, the importance of a vocabulary list, sentence structures in the scriptures, how to diagram (not the same as we did in school) sentences, and analyzing complete works and parables.  

~ taught by Tresta Neil

Ancient History
Friday 11 AM

We will continue our study of the Old Testament beginning with Leviticus and also learn about the Persian and Greek cultures and how they played a part in the scattering of Israel. God has always been consistent in his teachings throughout His Story. We will learn how the Israelites were chosen, delivered, scattered, gathered, and scattered again. We will see how their worship services and governmental system is the basis of our current constitutional government set up by those who were great students of the Old Testament.We will learn about the influence of the Biblical Tabernacle throughout the history of the Jews and focus on the scattering of Israel and the prophets during that time.

~ taught by Tresta Neil

Living Science (UM)
Friday 12 PM

The short definition of science is truth, God knows all truth, his omniscience (notice the word science in there) makes him the greatest scientist ever. Those that seek truth are also scientists or omniologists, studying all science together. In this course we will learn about the Clovis or Adamite people and how they used specific rock and great technology before the Nephites. We will begin using the Universal Model volume 2 and finish in the scriptures exploring how God uses plants, animals, and body parts to teach us truths.

~ taught by Tresta Neil



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Do I have to attend all the LIVE classes?

Although we HIGHLY encourage you to attend every session to get the best results out of these classes it is not required. All classes are recorded.

When do we meet?

For the school we meet Monday through Thursday. 

10 - 11:00 - for younger children

11 - 2:00 - for older children

On Fridays:

9:00am Parent meeting 

Adult classes:

10 - 12:00

All times are Mountain Time (MT)

How do we access the course?

After you purchase the courses you'll be given a zoom link for the live classes. You'll also receive instructions on ways to be successful in using zoom. And how to access the recordings. 


Need to ask a Question?

Are you interested, but have a question or two you haven't found the answer to? Shoot me an email with this form. I'd love to talk to you.