Learn All Things Through the Lens of the Gospel

There is a video on lds.org about a scientist who compared the gospel and science as two separate lenses. When we look through each one separately we see colors, shapes, designs, we get excited about what we are learning. However, when we look out of both lenses at the same time we see depth we get a new perspective.


All learning becomes more clearer and easier to be remembered. When we learn about history and science we can see the hand of providence in the solving of problems and making inventions.

Our current education system has chosen to separate religion and academic and lately many have chosen to not teach religion at all. This choice limits our progress and depth of understanding.

  • “Each of us has a personal lens through which we view the world. Our lens gives its special tint to all we see. It can suppress some features and emphasize others. It can also reveal things otherwise invisible. Through the lens of spirituality, we can know “the things of God” by “the Spirit of God.” (1 Cor. 2:11.) As the Apostle Paul taught, such things are “foolishness” to the “natural man.” He cannot see them “because they are spiritually discerned.” (See 1 Cor. 2:14.)  ~ Dallin H. Oaks, “Spirituality”, Ensign November 1985

This conference is built around the idea that we can once again unite the two and see from both lenses, stop limiting ourselves and God and receive a much richer, more in depth understanding or heart education.

Summer Math Class

Summer Math Pilot Class

What a concept! Who would choose to work on math during the summer? YOU would! Because this is not like any other math class out there. This is Math in Action and Creation. It is falling more in love with Christ while learning math (mostly geometry) skills. 

I’m looking for families to join this class twice a week for 8 weeks (16 classes). These have to attend 60% of the time and give feedback for the content and presentation. For more details go to https://university.calledtolearn.com/summer-math/

“More Holiness to the Lord”

 Aaron, the High Priest in the Biblical tabernacle, wore a plate of pure gold with the inscription, “Holiness to the Lord.” It was sown onto a blue lace band and wrapped around his head on top of the white turban with the gold plate facing the forward on his forehead.

It was placed on his forehead that he “may bear the iniquity of the holy things, which the children of Israel shall hallow in all their holy gifts; and it shall be always upon his forehead, that they may be accepted before the Lord.” (Exodus 28:38

The High Priest acted as Christ in our behalf, presenting us to God as children who have proven themselves worthy to return to heaven.

What does “Holiness to the Lord” mean?

What is meant by Aaron “may bear the iniquity of the holy things?”

What is meant by “that they may be accepted before the Lord?”

In what ways do you present yourself to the Lord?

Symbolism of the Brass Brow

Because I knew that thou [Israel] art obstinate, and thy neck is an iron sinew [stiff-necked won’t bend or bow], and thy brow brass.” (Isaiah 48:4) 

What does it mean to have a brass brow?

Look up. Notice the position of your forehead and eyebrows. Now try looking up without using your forehead, eyebrows or neck. Can you?

  • What is God telling the Israelites through the symbolism of the forehead and neck?
  • Do you have a reputation of being stubborn? How are you overcoming it?
  • In what ways do you look to God?
  • In what ways are you riding yourself of pride?
  • In what ways are you summiting to God?

His Name Shall Be in their FOREHEADS

After doing a study on foreheads I came up with a list of symbols. I always find it interesting how God uses a symbol and Satan has a counterfeit symbol. At the same time God uses the hard forehead to describe prophets and sinners. The message I’m learning is that we need to make our hearts (in this case foreheads) hard against evil and soft toward God’s messages.

  • Obstinate: the house of Israel are “stout of forehead” (Ezekiel 3:8)
  • Without God: thy brow is brass (Isaiah 48:4)
  • Separation from God: Amlicites marked themselves (Alma 3:13)
  • Not looking to God: Israel are of a hard forehead and of a stiff heart (Jeremiah 3:7)
  • Beliefs: David’s stone struck Goliath’s forehead (1 Samuel 17:49)
  • Loyal to God/ need not fear your enemies: God makes his prophet’s “forehead hard …. as an adamant harder than flint,” (Jeremiah 3:8, 9)
  • Hard work: Adam worked “by the sweat of [his] brow”
  • Bold and Firm Message from the prophet (Isaiah 48:8; Isaiah 48:9)
  • Saving Mark: a distinguishing mark made on the men that turned to  God, it set them apart and they were spared (not killed)(Ezekiel 9:4)
  • Present to God: “Holiness To The Lord” written on the mitre (hat) of the High Priest (Exodus 28:36)

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