June 7


Hair as a Symbol

By Tresta Neil

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I recently did a study on hair for our “Body of Christ” Series. Sometimes when you study a subject yo

u think you know it pretty well and then you begin and realize that your knowledge is very small. This is exactly how I felt in this study. I learned far more than I knew. I invite you to take a small topic and study it.

The first time ‘hair’ is used in the Bible is when Esau was born (Genesis 25:25)The word for hair in Hebrew is  “שֵׂעָר” (se’ar) consisting of the consonants shin-ayin-reish. These are the same consonants used in the word “shi’ur” meaning a “measured portion”.

They are also the same consonants for the Hebrew word שער (sha’ar) meaning “gate”.

These suggests that hair acts like a gate and can be measured. Like a gate acts as a connection between those inside and those outside, so does hair act as a connection between the inside and outside. God said no hair of the head would be lost to him (Alma 40:23) suggesting he knows and measures all things.

We can imagine God being the keeper of the gate regulating the revelation we receive into our head and keeping track of the lost pieces of the gate. You may imagine something different.

Here is a list of symbols I found that had to do with hair.

  • Innumerable – the hairs together on a head
  • Minuteness (hairbreadth) – the thickness of a single hair (Judges 20:16)
  • Honored / Wisdom – Grey and hoary white hair (Proverbs 16:31; 20:29)  Expressing old age (Isaiah 46:4), and wisdom (Solomon 4:9-10?)
  • Glorious / Divine presence “whose brightness and glory defy all description” (Joseph Smith History 1:17; Daniel 7:9; Revelation 1:14)
  • Humble and mighty people – “hair of the feet and the beard” (Isaiah 7:20)
  • Terror or fear – the “hair of the flesh” is said to “stand up” (Job 4:15)
  • Slavery – “instead of well set hair baldness” (Isaiah 3:24; 2 Nephi 13:24)
  • Strength – Samson’s “hair of his head began to grow again” (Judges 16:22)
  • Omniscience – even a hair of the head shall not be lost (Alma 40:23; D&C 9:14; 29:25); a hair of his head shall not fall … unnoticed (D&C 84:80; 84:116)
  • Gate – hair is like a gate between the outside and the inside (Hebrew word with same consonants as hair is gate)
  • Measurable – our hair “shall not be lost” (Alma 40:23) (Hebrew word close to hair is “measured portion”)


What insights do you know about hair?

How has this study helped you become closer to Christ? Your family?

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