June 6


Isolate and Insulate Your Children

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Parenting, Spiritual Growth, Symbology

The Lord isolates the prophets and insulates them with knowledge, understanding and testimony. Then he sends them out to lead. Not to fit in, not follow – but to LEAD.

We follow this same pattern when we keep our children close until they know how to follow the Lord and the spirit says they’re ready to lead.

In 1939 it was proposed that the government get the children away from the moms and grandmas as early as possible, because this is when they are easily molded.

Heavenly Father’s plan is best – keep them with mom. But Father’s plan has a counterfeit. Satan has devised a plan to keep children away from their parents – today children are with their moms less than 2 hours a day.

For examples think of Moses in the wilderness, the call of Enoch or Isaiah…


How do you keep your children isolated from the things of the world?


How do you insulate your children from the fiery darts of Satan?

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