March 1


Incline Thine Ear Unto Wisdom

By Tresta Neil

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Christ healed a deaf man by putting His finger into his ears, and said, “Ephphatha” which means “Be opened.” And straightway his ears were opened (Mark 7:32-35). How has Christ opened your ears?

The word “incline” in the Proverb, “Incline Thine Ear Unto Wisdom” in Latin is broken up as “in” meaning toward and “clinare” meaning bend or to bend toward. This proverb is saying Bend Your Ear Toward Wisdom, the highest level of learning. Why the ear?

The ear is one of the organs that comes in pairs, it brings sound into our minds and can never be shut off. Christ asks everyone that has ears (all of us) “let him hear” or “Listen to Me” or “Harken Unto My Word.” This is like the simple invitation of “Come Follow Me.” Christ invites us in many different ways to become like him. He is showing us the better way. Symbolically the ear represents obedience – to listen, to harken and to obey the word of God.

What are you bending your ear toward?


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We have prepared a PDF “Incline Thine Ear Unto Wisdom” Devotional Guide for you to use with your family. Check out the video too.

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