Ancient Messages

Ancient Stories with a Modern Message

​​Do you attend Church Educational Service (CES) classes? I use to attend them all the time, but since my son’s big hospital visit ten years ago I haven’t been back until this semester and I’ve signed up for three, that’s right three! Two Old Testament and Life of Christ and I can’t get enough, I’m loving every minute. I’m learning new ways to look at the Old and New Testament, mostly how to apply the lesson to our day. I’ve been pleasantly impressed with the quality of lessons we’ve had thus far and how each teacher is uniquely different.

For those of you who don’t and can’t attend I will add a learning experience for you each week.

Breastplate of Gem Stones Upon His Heart
Stone Cut Without Hands
Where Does My Help Come From?
Resurrection Basket
The Forgotten Symbols of Christ’s Birth
Path of Stone Tables