Thirteenth Witness – You

Jesus stands at the center of all the stories of these witnesses and is waiting to be the center of our story. When our story centers on finding Christ we are then called to be his special witnesses.

The greatest tragedy is if we never find the King.  Jesus said, “He that seeketh me early shall find me…” (D&C 88:83) We fail to find him only when we fail to seek him. The greatest miracle is when we find the Savior. Wise men and women are still seeking Him, are you? “Have you felt his redeeming love? If so, do you feel so now?”

All these witnesses followed God’s divine pattern of sharing. God is ready for us to follow this same pattern: Special witness like you and me are asked to go forth among all the nations and share the restored knowledge of God.

Ponder the pattern. Trust him. He will provide a way for us to accomplish all your dreams.


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