Welcome to

CTL Academy

On this page, you'll find 7 steps to prepare for this school year. 

Please review them right away as some are important to complete as soon as possible.

Prepare for school by...

Do Right Away:

Step 1.

Watch the "Most Important Things to Know" video. 

Step 2.

Please complete the Family Profile to give us a better picture of who will be attending.

Step 3.

Read through the code of conduct with your family and sign the agreement.

Do Before School Starts:

Step 4. 

Watch the Big Picture Curriculum videos. These videos are for review if you're returning or to orient you if this is your first year.

Step 5.

Use the supply list to acquire what you need for this year.

Step 6.

Put together your notebook(s). Click here to watch the video.

Step 7.

Get to know the classes and teachers.  

Step 8.

For the second hour of math class we will be working on personal workbooks. You may bring what you are currently working with or you can get a math program we highly recommend and can easily help you with, it’s called Moving with Math. In order to know what level you are you’ll need to take an assessment test. We will get you that information as soon as we have it.

Step 9.

Join our community where we can communicate with each other as families and individually and with the teachers. There will also be clubs and discussion topics. This is a great feature that can help with research and the students can link to their posts in the assessments for their homework. Let’s build a strong community.