April 6


Fifth Day before Passover (Sunday)

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Celebrations, Easter, פֶּסַח (Passover)

Jesus casts out the money changers

Soon after the Israelites welcomed Jesus into the city of Jerusalem he “went into the house of God [temple], and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves…” (Matthew 21:12-16) and then proceeded to heal the blind and the lame. He called the temple “his” house. He cleaned the evil out of “his” house the same day the Israelites were cleaning their homes from yeast.

Every Spring, on 13 Nisan on the Jewish calendar, three days before the Passover Seder meal each family spent days cleaning their house. They would remove all the leaven (yeast) from their homes down to the very crumb. Can you relate to a very thorough clean of your home each spring? My grandmother called this, “Spring Cleaning.”

Yeast is a symbol of “rapid influence” for both good and evil. At the time the Israelites were leaving Egypt God asked them to leave all the leaven behind. He asked that yeast be the physical reminder of the Egyptians evil ways – their idol worshiping. They were asked to cook only unleavened bread and to rid their lives of all the evils of Egypt and leave it behind. This left room in their hearts for something new – the true God. They could now learn about their God – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God that was guiding Moses to deliver them from the strong hand of Egypt.

A bouquet of flowers adds a finishing touch to a clean home. Would you agree? In our temples there is always a bouquet of flowers. The white Easter lilies is a wonderful symbol for the cleansing of the temple and our homes. White mean purity, unity, and holiness.

The lilies six pedals are two sets of three (think triangles), creating David’s Star, a symbol of the Jews, or the hexagram. The lily flower is mentioned in the scriptures (see Matthew 6:28) and they are a common symbol found in ancient and modern literature.

This year when you are preparing for Easter, consider putting Lilies in your home to help remind you of keeping your home or temple, clean and pure, ready for the coming of the Savior.

~ Spend time as a family cleaning or beautifying an area (or two) in your home, add white lilies as a symbol of an evil free home.


  • What are you willing to “cast out” of your home (temple) to make it more pure? 
  • What literature piece have you read about lilies? What messages do the lilies speak to you?
  • Describe a moment in the temple when you have felt the presence of God.
  • Listen to the words of the song, “Consider the Lilies.”
  • How do you “spring clean?”
  • How do you rid the evil from your life?
  • What symbol represents an evil free life, for you?

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