February 20


Heart and Mind

By Tresta Neil

Body of Christ, Body of Christ - Humanology, Called to Learn, Parenting, Spiritual Growth, Theology Tree Curriculum

There is an obvious connection between the heart and the mind. God said he sends us answers, revelation, to the heart AND the mind. Both are involved in understanding. There may not be a logical reason for how they are connected, but we can use this knowledge in learning.

We first engage learning with God’s beauty. Through color, music, pictures, stories, etc. we can awaken the heart. When the heart recognizes God’s beauty curiosity begins to grow and questions spring forth ~ they are ready for knowledge of the mind, the mechanics, the how things work, the cognitive connections and the pulse of learning. If this stage of learning is allowed to become personal and self-directed drops of this knowledge drip down into the heart and understanding is planted. Each of these drops brings greater and greater understanding. A greater awe of God’s beauty once beheld as color now becomes understanding impressed upon their soul and new questions spring out and the cycle continues. The heart sparking the mind and the mind sowing the heart if cultivated will continue beating and learning forever.

Heart and Mind Devotional

We have prepared a PDF Heart and Mind Devotional for you to use with your family. Check out the video too.

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