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The Scattering and Gathering of Israel

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, History, Spiritual Growth

The First Shall be Last and the Last Shall be First 

(taken from notes taken by Tresta Neil from a lecture by Victor Ludlow)

A - Lost Ten Tribes - 730s BCE

The twelve Tribes of Israel lived in harmony through the reign of King David and King Solomon. After that they split into two groups. Ten tribes went to the North and two to the South. In 730 BCE the Assyrians captured the northern ten tribes, they adopted the culture and religions of the region and quickly lost their identity as Israelites.

B - Lehites - 586 BCE and 600 BCE

Descendants of Lehi, Ishmael, Zoram, Mulek and others left Jerusalem area and settled in the Americas. Lehi called himself a Jew, like we call ourselves American, though he was not a direct descendant of Judah.

C - Jews - 586 BCE and 70 CE

All descendants of Judah, Benjamin, Levi residing in the kingdom of Judah. In 586 BCE Babylon conquered Judah and destroyed Solomon's temple. Some returned, built Herod's temple and grew. In 70 CE Rome subdued the Jews after their revolt and they dispersed among the nations of Asia, Africa and Europe. 

D - Scattered Remnants - unknown dates

Various unidentified segments of Israel who migrated throughout the world.  (see D&C 109:60-67, including footnotes, for some identifying terms and key promises of these 'scattered remnants'.) they lost their ancestry and language

D - Scattered Remnants - 1836

Various scattered remnants of Israelites, also known as 'Ephraim' or 'Gentiles' dedicated the newly built Kirtland Temple (see the dedicatory prayer D&C 109:60-67) Patriarchal blessings have helped identify many of these scattered remnants of Israel.

C - Jews - 1948

The Jews who were scattered in their 'Diaspora' among the nations of Asia, Africa, Europe and eventually into the Americas retained a hope of returning to their homeland. In 1841, Orson Hyde dedicated the Holy Land for their return. In 1948 the State of Israel was officially forms and hundreds of thousands of Jews gathered in Israel and were taught the Hebrew language and Jewish culture. 

B - Lehites - 1970's

The descendants of the Book of Mormon were proselyted to throughout church history. Finally, in the 1970's, during the administration of President Spencer W. Kimball, the church began to grow among the Lamanites scattered among the indigenous and European peoples in Central and South America. In October 1975 President Kimball said, "now is the time of the Jew [Lamanite/Israelite]" and nine new LDS stakes were organized in Mexico city on a single weekend. 

A - Lost Ten Tribes - Unknown? 2019? 

Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are undoubtedly scattered into many parts of the world. They are probably lost to themselves, meaning they don't know they are literal descendants of Israel. Patriarchal Blessings are identifying these northern tribes. Further scriptural knowledge (2 Nephi 29:12-14) will help identify these people and their heritage. 

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