December 29


Improve Memory

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn

How to Remember and Retain what you Read  (improve Memory, Increase in Learning)


  • Worker who needs to improve job knowledge
  • Learners who want higher scores
  • Those who are losing memory capability
  • Anyone who wants to think smart, feel smart, and be smart
  • WHY improve your memory and thinking?
  • Keep you promises to yourself and others

Your memory is your brain’s filing system. It contains everything you have learnt. You can store an amazing amount of information.  Your brain is made up of 100 billion neurons. As you grow and develop, these neurons are ‘wired up’ to each other, and communicate through thousands of connections – synapses. Memories are formed when certain connections are strengthened.

WAYS to Improve Your Memory:

Know How to Study

  1. Be Believing
  • Believe you can do it
  • Play as if you are
  • Make it interesting
  • Avoid boredom
  1. Be Organized
  • Set time aside
  • Multi-tasking is learnings worst enemy
  • 10 minute rule (I wrote a book in 10 minutes)
  • Learning material
  • Environments:  physical and mental spaces
  • Laugh – enjoy learning
  • Avoid multi-tasking
  1. Be Directed (self-test)
  • Don’t just “look it over”
  • Quiz yourself on what you learned
  • Draw it out (charts and pictures)
  • Write in the book
  • Link information to other learning
  • Apply learning to your life
  1. How to Study the Scriptures
  • Ask questions
  • Word meanings
  • Sentence and Paragraph structure
  • Context
  • Connections and association (old/new; physical/spiritual)

Know How to Think
Be Active

  • Use exercises to increase brain power or neuro connections thereby giving you faster more efficient brain processing (see) or
  • “Brain Games” book
  • Memorize (songs, scripture, poetry, prose, etc.)
  • Meditation (Keeps your brain busy so negative voices don’t enter)
  • Sing
  • Relaxation Exercises 
  • Writing (3 ways to use your physical body to fight Satan)
  • Warrior Chemistry (3 ways to use your physical body to fight Satan)
  • Physical Exercise (3 ways to use your physical body to fight Satan)

Be Bright (brave/clear)

  • Promotes memory formation and understanding
  • Avoid multitasking (learning’s worst enemy)
  • Think and think some more (learning’s best friend)
  • Examine meaning, usefulness and implication

Be Curious 

  • Ask questions:  “What’s missing?”, “What can be figured out?”
  • Write down your questions, keep thinking of questions

Know How to See
Think in Pictures (engaging with the learning)

  • look at the content with contrived visual meaning, look from the outside -something to be memorized
  • look at the content with real meaning and context – like an actor, look from the inside  – something to be experienced

Think in Metaphors

  • A teacher (book or seminar) has a certain logic/teaching or precept, this is represented by a vertical line.  The learner who does not have the knowledge is represented by a horizontal line.  We, together, are looking for the connection, the moment when both are edified.
  • Logic:  2 + 2 = 4  is logic.  2 candies + 2 candies = 4 candies is how to teach a toddler.
  • Metaphors contain all of the logic and yet conceals the whole meaning

Think in Symbols

  • Hebrew has 8000 words and English has over 20,000
  • They use symbolism and imagery and vision
  • Each letter is a picture of meaning 
  • Associate things together, old with new; physical with spiritual

Satan tries to get us to stop thinking and to forget!!

  • increasing distractions
  • decreasing communication
  • decreasing desire for learning
  • indifference
  • decreases curiosity
  • no longer teach symbolism
  • no longer encourage questions
  • decrease value of music

How to remember what you read

  1.  Read with a purpose – ask, “What do I want to learn and remember from this ___ (reading, seminar, experience, audio, etc.)”
  2. skim first
  3. reading mechanics
  4. highlight/note taking
  5. think in pictures
  6. rehearse as you go 
  7. stay within attention span
  8. rehearse soon after reading
  9. teach what you read

Why Nephi wrote a Book (see 1 Ne. 6:4-5)

  • Purpose – to bring his people closer to the Lord – “persuade men to come unto God.”
  • Audience – those “not of the world” spiritual 
  • Message – “things that are pleasing unto God”

REMEMBER it is simple it only takes more time (like long division)

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