5 Ways to Up Level Your Happiness

  1. Appreciate what is going right in your life right NOW
    • Tell someone, share what’s been going right or what you’ve learning
  2. Make an entry in your Micro-journal
    • Write down 1 -3 fortunate things that happened to you or 1 – 3 ways you were recipient of deliberate kindness or 1 – 3 times you gave deliberate kindness
  3. Identify your limiting beliefs
    • What thoughts are keeping you from reaching your goals? Rewrite them, write the truth.
    • Here is a statement I use,”I use to believe … now I know…and because I know …(I have increase or it will help my children) Repetition matters
    • Change “I can’t” to  “I’m getting better and better”
    • Act on Faith by saying I’m adventurous, I can learn, I am eternally curious! I have Unlimited potential.
  4. Be Creative (deliberate)
    • Visualize, take time to reflect. In creating a video we must “see” the whole picture before it is shot, we write out a storyboard and scripts. Life can be just like this. Make your life a work of art – designed, crafted and created
    • Another way to be creative is to create and use a joy list / Opportunities
  5. Make a contribution (how will you help others)
    • Just as a boat is not created for the harbor, we are not created to stay stagnate, Sail on! Take calculated risks and reap tremendous rewards

What will you do today to make a difference/ leave a legacy?


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