June 19


Micro Journaling

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Character Development, Confidence, Home Education, Record Keeping

When you hear the word “Journaling” what emotions come up? If you are like me it was disgust and often guilt. I could hardly get in scripture reading in each day let alone writing. My mother would spend hours a week writing in her journal and that just didn’t fit into my schedule with eight children demanding my time. I recently discovered micro journaling and I LOVE it! It doesn’t take more time at all! I currently have seven micro journals – PLEASE don’t loose me now – start out with ONE!!!

Here are some ideas for micro journals. Choose ONE and add more when you choose.

  • what deliberate act(s) of kindness was done to me today
  • what we did in homeschool today (or yesterday)
  • what was my intake of water and/or food
  • what did I learn new today
  • what did my children say that was worth remembering
  • what insight did I gain from my scripture study
  • what service did I perform for my husband (family/neighbors)
  • how did I work on my long term goals today
  • how did I overcome a weakness today
  • how did I build connection before correction today
  • what did I discover new about myself

Choose one of these journals or choose one of these questions to answer each day. You can add new micro journals or bullet point things in one journal. However you decide to do it the rewards of keeping record are innumerable and the guilt will go away!

My favorite micro journal at this time is my homeschooling journal. I LOVE going back and seeing the things we have learned and the discussions we’ve had. Micro-journaling has not only brought me less guilt but a whole lot more confidence! 🙂

What micro journal did you choose to start?


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