July 18


What Motivates you?

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Character Development, Confidence

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There are days I am up and ready to go, I have purpose and a mission and I accomplish a lot. Then there are days I sit in bed wondering what it was I was going to do today. This rollercoaster ride has sent me on a journey to find out what motivate me or anyone for that matter.

I discovered what I believe to be a shocking answer.

I had often heard that you have to know your “why” before you can know “how” to get the things you want done done. I’ve also heard that saying your prayers and reading your scriptures gives you motivation. These have been sources of peace, but I also spent several years reading and praying constantly and still feeling depressed and unmotivated and terribly confused. “I’m doing everything I know how to do and nothing is working,” became my mantra.

Recently I was reading in the book, “Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard. In the chapter on personal freedom he brought up an interesting idea. “Personal freedom is more than just being free from pain – it is about being free to live, to truly enjoy and expand in life. It is not merely freedom from bad things that limit us, but freedom to experience good things that awaken us.”

Whoa, “what?” Personal freedom is giving myself permission to experience good things that will awaken me?

What a new concept, a new definition of personal freedom. Brendon goes on to ask this question, “could it be that this Personal Freedom, is the main motivation of mankind … so that we can genuinely express ourselves and provide more opportunities to those we love?”

Yes, that is what I want. The next question enters my mind, “What is it that awakens me?” Many years of my life I couldn’t answer that question, but today, today I can. I have many things that awaken, excite and yes, truly motivate me. On those days I sit in bed wondering what it was I was going to do today, I focus my mind on things that “awaken” me and I begin to find the energy to complete all the tasks necessary so I can study the stars, or do any of the other things that awaken me. 

Do you believe that personal freedom is the main motivation of mankind?

What is it that awakens you?


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