The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Tresta Neil
About Anna

Anna bore testimony of the Messiah to those in Jerusalem who “looked for redemption.” ~ Luke 2:38

Another special witness of the birth of Christ in the temple was Anna—the aged widow whose name means “full of grace.” She was a devout and saintly woman who worshipped for many years in the temple, she was undoubtedly well known among the faithful. Just as there are many widows serving and welcoming people to the house of the Lord today.

She approached the holy family and immediately recognized divinity. She then bore testimony to everyone in Jerusalem who “looked for redemption” (Luke 2:38) of the babe, Savior of the World.

Simeon and Anna, probably named after Hannah, Samuel’s mother, are often forgotten in the Christmas story, older people often are today. Such wisdom and friendships are not being shared. But God is aware of them and remembers them. My 80-year-old visiting teaching partner, Dori, just went through 2 major artery transplants, it was touch and go whether she would stay in the mortal existence or not. After 10 months she and I got to go out again to visit our sisters again together and we wept. She thanked me for helping her “feel normal” again. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Please, remember the elderly, listen to their stories, how they met their spouse, how they gained their testimony. Invite them into your home as God invites them into his.

Anna is a wonderful example of faith and witnessing. She recognized divinity. When is the last time you saw divinity in someone? or one of God’s creations? I recently watched a video of a mother and her daughter-in-law whose relationship was not ideal. They were put together in a unique situation and ended up healing and strengthening that relationship. As I watched the healing process and the love ooze out of both of them for each other I felt divinity. I believe whenever there are healing and strengthening of relationships God is there.

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