Enjoy these Passover and Easter Articles

Enjoy these articles written by Tresta on the last week of Christ's mortal life. To find out about our Passover and Easter Celebrations this year, check out our Passover Page: 

How do your center your Easter traditions around Christ? One of our Sabbath Day traditions is to have a “Sunday Scent” (like the ancient [...]

The day before Passover, Jesus told His disciples he would be crucified in two day. (Matthew 26:1-2) How do you think the disciples responded? [...]

At a moment when Jesus stepped away from Jerusalem he pondered, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent [...]

Jesus Curses the Fig Tree Jesus and the apostles returned to Bethany Monday night and came back to Jerusalem Tuesday. On the way back [...]

Jesus casts out the money changers Soon after the Israelites welcomed Jesus into the city of Jerusalem he “went into the house of God [...]

Symbols of Easter, the Resurrection, and the Passover What a Historical Event! Today we participated in a Solemn Assembly with a Hosanna Shout commemorating [...]

Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb is a fantastic video that shares some of the same messages we’ve shared with you on the last week [...]

Throughout Christmas our family has studied the witnesses to the birth of the Savior. We talk about the shepherds, the angels, Mary and Joseph, [...]

Passover took place on Nisan 14, the Israelites first month of their year. To prepare for the Passover Feast they choose a lamb, brought [...]

What do you think about during the Sacrament? As a child I was told to remember the suffering of Christ on the Cross while [...]

With the Bread Christ overcame our Physical Death.With the Water Christ overcame our Spiritual Death. There were 4 cups used on the Table of Shewbread [...]

During the time of Moses the Lord gave the Israelites covenants to follow. One of which is the Covenant of Manna. The Israelites were [...]

Two day before Christ hung on the cross he was healing, teaching and telling parables to all that would listen. I chose an event [...]

The symbol of the Fruit When Jesus and the apostles came back to Jerusalem from Bethany they saw the fig tree that Jesus had approached [...]

On 13 Nisan, spring time on the Jewish calendar and days before Passover each family spent a day cleaning their house. Israelite families were [...]

Symbols of Easter and the Resurrection “At the Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the multitudes cried “Hosanna” and spread palm branches for Jesus to [...]

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