October 18


Reflection is to pause

By Tresta Neil

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As I have been preparing for my advanced constellation class I came across this statement in the Lecture’s on Faith, lecture seven.

It surely will not be required of us to prove that [faith] is the principle upon which all eternity has acted and will act; for every reflecting mind must know that it is by reason of this power that all the hosts of heaven perform their works of wonder, majesty, and glory.

“Every reflecting mind” stood out to me. What is a reflecting mind? John Maxwell, who speaks on leadership defined reflection as, “Reflection turns experience into insight.” and “Reflection is the pause that gives a person perspective.”

I want to be insightful and gain perspective. So “how” do I reflect?

This thought took me on a journey in my mind. The first thought was the word “ponder.” How often do I ponder on what I study or learn or the people I’ve met. If God orchestrates our lives and the people we meet are no accident then why not ponder and reflect on those experiences to gain insight and possibly even direction or the “next step?” And, of course, this thought lead me to a commitment – to reflect every day before I went to bed. But that commitment fell short because I kept falling asleep so now I reflect every morning.

I have chosen to use the formula Kevin Hall uses in his book, “Aspire.” I reflect on 4 things:

  1. People who help me
  2. Actions I’ve taken on opportunities
  3. Thoughts that help me create meaning or understanding
  4. Happiness moments – random acts of kindness, God’ tender mercies

All of which help me stay on PATH! 🙂

How do you Reflect and Ponder?

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